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Blending academic knowledge, extensive hands-on leadership and management experience with a large sprinkling of fun, we will work alongside you, your team and your business to take you to the next level.

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Leadership and management development packages

Designed in partnership with you, acknowledging you are the expert in your business and you know what you need, we will support you to create one off or longer term package of management and leadership support to professionalise your teams. 

Working together we can co-create an impactful programme for the new first line manager all the way through to senior management development. We will support your teams, equipping them with knowledge, self-awareness and practical tools and techniques to help them lead high performing teams with an inclusive, supportive mindset.

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Individual and team coaching and mentoring packages

Our individual 1:1 coaching packages will help your key colleagues improve upon their leadership performance to reach their full potential. A safe space, with an accredited professional coach, where support, challenge and focus is the name of the game.

Team coaching is the secret ingredient for team growth! Working collaboratively together to air, address and resolve any problems and face challenges and projects with a sense of shared and collective accountability, team coaching can assist in the appreciation of the value each team member offers to the whole; the team is the sum of its parts.

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Accredited workplace mediation and restorative intervention

Workplace disputes can prove costly for organisations from sickness absence of staff members, to protected investigations and grievances and potentially employment tribunals. Whether it be a two party mediation or a wider conflict amongst teams, skilled and early mediation or a restorative justice approach, can support a quick resolution in a cost effective manner focusing on effective outcomes and the restoration of relationships for all involved.

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Coaching Supervision

Professional coaching supervision is a requirement of accreditation for the main coaching professional bodies and offers coaches a safe, reflective and challenging space to work through issues arising in their practice and to continue their professional development. 

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Private coaching

Put simply, coaching is a process of unlocking a persons potential.  Coaching can support with a multitude of issues; maybe you want a better work-life harmony, maybe your thoughts are holding you back, do you want to improve your productivity and organisation, work towards a promotion, a life goal or a career challenge and anything in between, coaching can help offer focus, clarity and a clear way forward.

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Assessment tools

Our team are accredited in the use of a variety of tools to support you and your teams understanding of themselves and each other. The use of these assessment and psychometric tools can be used on their own in a one off coaching session, or can be combined with our individual and team coaching packages and/or our leadership and management packages, depending on your preference and need.

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Our professional team

The JMC Team will be happy to bring the potential of your business, your teams or yourself to life.

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Our highly experienced and professional Director and founder will ensure that amazing things happen for you, your teams and your business.

Why us?
Our Credentials

Janine is a Professional member of the European mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and holds a senior practitioner accredited status (EIA). She is a Fellow of the Institute of leadership (IL) and an accredited registered mediator with the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and a Restorative Justice Practitioner. These credentials, combined with almost 25 years hands on experience in leadership, coaching and operational delivery, you can be assured of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced support from JMC and the team.

Our associates
Consultant partners

All our associates and consultant partners are carefully selected, highly skilled, qualified professionals with extensive practical experience within the real business world.

Community Investment
Pro Bono work

JMC pride themselves on helping others. As part of this commitment we offer limited ``pro bono`` private coaching to charities and individuals for whom coaching would otherwise be inaccessible. Please contact us with as much detail as possible detailing why you would like to access this offer. Please be advised however that we have limited capacity and that an application, however deserving, may not be approved due to this reason.


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