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Leadership and management development packages

JMC offer a range of leadership development sessions and tailor each session and course to your specific business needs. Leadership development programmes can be offered for first line managers through to Executive team development programmes.

Session topics can include:

The above is just a sample of the sessions we can offer. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Staff and Team coaching

Coaching for first line managers through to Executive Directors and Chief Executives can help improve communication, workplace satisfaction and overall productivity. Having space to reflect, review and plan is essential to progression and transformation, and can have an impressive impact on the bottom line.  Whether coaching individuals or working with a team, we will support you in being the best you can be and excelling in your career and business.

The benefits of coaching are many, but one study showed:

We can help you grow your business, address challenges and help you gain clarity on the way forward.

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Workplace mediation and restorative intervention

As trained and registered mediators with the Civil Mediation Society (CMC), JMC mediators will bring their skilled experience to your workplace disputes. Early professional intervention significantly improves the chances of preventing matters escalating, therefore limiting potential costly disputes and reputational damage. We can also offer a restorative justice approach to complement our mediation package as Janine is also a qualified Level 2 Restorative Justice Practitioner.

Mediation and restorative approaches can help resolve a range of disputes and relationship issues at work. These include:

Mediation can offer a more constructive way to resolve disputes in the workplace, diffusing potentially difficult situations. Early and skilled mediation can often have positive outputs for all parties and reduce the likelihood of matters escalating leading to potential absenteeism through illness and stress, disruption in the workplace, loss of valuable staff and even legal action against an employer.

Mediators are independent practitioners who can work with all parties to move things forward. Mediation has high success rate with the majority of mediations settling on the day or shortly thereafter. Mediation sessions are often conducted over one or two meetings making mediation a practical, simple and cost-effective solution to a range of workplace problems. With a restorative approach, we will work with you and the team members involved, exploring the issues and helping individuals and teams move forward to a more positive position.

Quotes for mediation vary dependent upon a number of factors, including the number of people involved, the duration and location of service. Most cases are resolved within 6- 8 hours of mediation.

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Coaching supervision

Professional coaching supervision is essential for any practicing coach to maintain, sustain and evolve their coaching practice. Sessions offered by our trained coach supervisors offer a safe, facilitated reflective space. Using our collaborative approach your learning and growth as a professional coach is maximised.

In these sessions, our trained coaching supervisors will support you to;

The main professional coaching bodies all recommend regular supervision.

Supervision can be offered on a 1:1 basis, as pairs or in a group setting.

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Private coaching

Supporting you to reach your goals or gain clarity on what direction you wish to take, coaching sessions offer you the dedicated space to explore your situation and the options you have to move forward.  Using a blend of tools and techniques, our qualified, accredited and experienced coaches will support you in identifying your own solutions and identify your next step.   

Whatever challenge you’re currently facing; if you are at a crossroads in life, wanting a career change or just a better balance to aspects of your life, coaching can be a valuable tool to support you navigation these issues.   Supporting you to make behaviour changes, see different perspectives and set actionable steps, coaching has been proved to lead to self-improvement, increased well-being and satisfaction.

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Disc profiling

D.I.S.C is a behaviour profiling tool with over 40 years of research underpinning its accuracy. All JMC D.I.S.C. profilers are qualified practitioners of the tool and will guide you through your full D.I.S.C assessment, its interpretation and how best to utilise the insights provided. Disc is suitable for individuals or teams.

The DISC profiling tool is used by over one million people each year and helps improve teamwork, communication and productivity in the workplace.

A DISC assessment is an essential tool for anyone in search of organisational or personal success. The DISC full disc assessment raises self-awareness, can improve teamwork, helps people see others more objectively and manage more effectively.

Originally developed in the 1920s by psychologist and educational consultant William Marston, DISC testing has since been refined and validated by many eminent psychologists, social scientists and HR professionals. Today it is considered to be the pre-eminent workplace assessment tool.

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Strength profiling

A strength is something we perform well at, is energising and we do often – its our true self performing at its peak. When our working life draws on these strengths we are happier, more confident, more productive and perform at our very best.  Knowing and understanding our strengths and areas where we are not as good or energised by, can help us tailor our work more effectively so we don’t waste valuable time on things that drain us. 

In existence since 2009 and with extensive research to prove accuracy, the Cappfinity strength tool is dynamic and can offer leaders and teams a wealth of information on how to be their best.  

Profiles are available for leaders and can be combined to look at the team as a whole

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