D.I.S.C Profiling


Product Description

Disc Profiling

The DISC profiling tool is used by over one million people each year and helps improve team work, communication and productivity in the workplace.

A DISC assessment is an essential tool for anyone in search of organisational or personal success. The DISC full disc assessment raises self awareness, can improve team work, helps people see others more objectively and manage more effectively.

Originally developed in the 1920s by psychologist and educational consultant William Marston, DISC testing has since been refined and validated by many eminent psychologists, social scientists and HR professionals. Today it is considered to be the pre-eminent workplace assessment tool.

Individual full DISC assessment and report – £50
Individual full DISC assessment and report combined with an interpretation coaching session (1 hour session) – £105
Individual full DISC assessments and reports for team and ½ day development session (up to 5 team members) – £450

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