Understanding self and others


This session is a fundamental basic for all managers and leaders. Understanding ourselves and understanding others enables us to better interact and communicate with our colleagues and teams and to ensure we are getting the most out of them. We will look at our own personal preferences and the styles of others. We will also spend some time thinking about how we see ourselves and how we are seen to other, what motivates us and where these values and beliefs may originate form and think about what that means in our dealings with others.

This session includes:

• An introduction to understanding our personal strengths and preferences
• An assessment of our learning style preferences and what that means in teams
• Reflective models of learning in practice
• How we see ourselves and how other see us
• An overview of Emotional intelligence
• Understanding our Values and beliefs and how these impact on our thoughts and behaviours
• An understanding of the five common drivers for people and what that means in terms of working styles in teams

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